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Who Are We?

Oxygen8 Communications

Oxygen8 Communications is a global provider of payment and customer engagement solutions with local operations around the World and unrivalled mobile-centric offerings.
Providing various premium rate billing solutions, including Premium Rate Voice, Premium Rate SMS and Direct Carrier Billing. We provide billing services to a range of companies and sectors including – Financial Institutions, Mobile Networks, Retailers, Social Networking, Parking, Tolling, Airports, Mobile Content, Ticketing, Classifieds, Charities, Media, Leisure, Hospitality and Gambling.

Oxygen8 Communications is one of the most experienced providers of business to business mobile solutions in Australia. Since 2005, we've been helping Australian businesses like yours get the most out of their mobile communications.

Whether you are a Media Owner, Marketing Agency or Corporate Enterprise, We have a range of mobile solutions to help your business grow and succeed.

Headquartered in the UK, Oxygen8 Communications also has offices in Australia, and South Africa.

The Oxygen8 Communications management team draws on many years of experience and expertise, having been at the forefront of the mobile industry since its inception. We are fully compliant with the latest industry regulations and standards, providing customers with complete confidence that the company is leading the way in best practice for the industry.


Australian Office

+61 (02)9438 6301


UK Office

+44 (0) 808 206 0808


South African Office

+ 27 11 218 5600



Oxygen8 Communications has been operating in Australia since 2005, as one of the pioneering companies in the mobile space. Directly connected into all Australian mobile networks we provide mobile messaging and payment solutions to a wide range of Australian and overseas companies.

From our Australian office, we reach into New Zealand for both mobile and voice services, giving our clients a complete solution in the region.

Our Sydney office is home to experienced local staff with a locally based operations and technical team and compliance officers. 

Oxygen8 Communications is ideally situated to cater for your mobile and voice requirements whether you are new to the market, or a locally based company.


What Do We Do?

Premium Rate Voice

Premium Rate Voice uses a premium rate number. There are a type of non-geographic number, used when businesses require inbound calls to be charged at a higher rate than that of normal numbers.

Part of the call charge is paid to the service provider (you) so your business can be funded via the calls. A great example would be a technical support line that offers high value services that couldn’t be billed any other way.



Ideal for

  • Customer services and technical support
  • Horoscopes & psychic lines
  • Dating and party lines
  • Voting and competitions
  • Information
  • Payment for access to digital content

Benefits To You


Generate additional revenue for your business.


190 Infocall has a wide range of tariffs to choose from allowing you to pick a tariff that works for your service.


No need to make separate contracts or verify consumer identity before purchase.


190 Infocall is an easy and quick way to bill for services. No need to provide debit and credit card details and no forms to fill in.


What Do We Do?

Premium Rate SMS

Premium Rate SMS (PSMS) is a simple way for consumers to pay for services and products via their mobile handsets. There is no need for time consuming registration or potentially unsafe credit card details being given; consumers are simply charged for sending and receiving a premium rate text message. A quick and convenient payment mechanic for donations and services payments. Ease and convenience differentiates PSMS vs traditional e-commerce payment solutions. High volume micro-payments, either for one-time payment instances or repeat (subscription based) payments requirements.

SMS payments are text based. They are processed typically through reverse billing i.e. by sending a premium rated text message to the purchaser’s phone and debiting the amount from the prepaid credit or charging it to the purchaser’s post pay phone bill in the next billing cycle.

SMS payments usually are considered a form of micro payments. These are used primarily for smaller value purchases or peer to peer money transfer. SMS payments are processed in real time and provide a cheap and convenient alternate to traditional payments mechanisms available under the formal banking channels where costs for micro payments are considerably higher.

Benefits To You

New revenue streams - Generate new revenue streams for your content and services

Simple way to pay - Premium SMS is an easy and quick way to make micro-payments. No need to provide debit and credit card details and no forms to fill in.

Long term revenues - You can use Premium SMS to bill for one-off payments or subscriptions, which provide long term revenues.


When implemented on our Engage Nomad platform our detailed online reporting system allows Oxygen8 customers to track and analyse consumer usage and buying habits. Used in conjunction with Premium Rate Voice services it is an easy and effective method of revenue generation.

Implementing Premium SMS on the Engage Nomad platform takes a matter of minutes, meaning that Oxygen8 customers can very quickly get more services up and running in response to end user demand. We handle millions of messages on its global network and would be very happy to talk to you about how PSMS could generate revenue for you.

Ideal For

  • SMS voting
  • SMS competitions
  • SMS chat
  • SMS alerts
  • Mobile content such as ringtones and games


What Do We Do?

Direct Carrier Billing

Direct Carrier Billing is an easy way for consumers to make payments via their mobile phone. It means consumers do not need a credit card or membership to make payments. Charges are applied directly to their mobile phone bill meaning Direct Carrier Billing is a viable and an effective substitute for other payment solutions such as cash.

The consumer payment of choice for both physical and digital goods and services, allowing consumers charge directly to their mobile bill for purchases made by desktop, mobile or app.  Secure and convenient, low friction with high conversion levels that ideally suit spontaneous, micropayment transaction environments.  Both one-time or subscription based payment options available.



Benefits To Your Customers

Easy to use - Consumers enjoy the benefits of ‘click and buy’ purchasing without the need to send text messages or receive multiple SMS billing messages

Consistent - With the growing popularity of mobile payments, Direct Operator Billing users will feel familiar with the payment process leading to better conversion rates and greater ease of use for consumers

Convenient - The consumer does not need to register for Direct Operator Billing, their existing account with their mobile network operator provides all they need to purchase. This creates a simple and anonymous way to make a purchase

Benefits To You

Opens up new marketing channels - Allows users to pay using their mobile

Easier opt-in to services - No need for an SMS from the user's handset for permission

Enhanced conversion rates - Allows you to target content and advertising, improving your product offering

Flexible pricing - You can bill at a range of tariff points through a single account

Guaranteed revenue - Full payment is processed before delivery of purchased content or services




Content owners and publishers, including music labels and gaming companies for pure content sales

Dating and social networking operators for top up credits and membership fees

Event organisers and venues for additional sales of merchandise and low cost tickets

Payment for bills, parking and travel tickets


One-off purchases and subscriptions

Fully compliant one-click API for better conversions and the ability to adapt to applications where the full page flow of one-off purchases is not appropriate

Cascading style sheets and merchant logo for improved conversion and displays your brand identity on the payment pages

Ability to pass identifying tokens outside of transactions permitting full personalisation of your site and therefore a better experience for your customer (MSISDN Aliasing)

Flexibility to drill down to any detail required on transaction reporting

Easy-to-integrate API that uses common web protocols

Consumer authorises payment by simply clicking on ‘Pay Now’