What Do We Do?

Direct Carrier Billing

Direct Carrier Billing is an easy way for consumers to make payments via their mobile phone. It means consumers do not need a credit card or membership to make payments. Charges are applied directly to their mobile phone bill meaning Direct Carrier Billing is a viable and an effective substitute for other payment solutions such as cash.

The consumer payment of choice for both physical and digital goods and services, allowing consumers charge directly to their mobile bill for purchases made by desktop, mobile or app.  Secure and convenient, low friction with high conversion levels that ideally suit spontaneous, micropayment transaction environments.  Both one-time or subscription based payment options available.



Benefits To Your Customers

Easy to use - Consumers enjoy the benefits of ‘click and buy’ purchasing without the need to send text messages or receive multiple SMS billing messages

Consistent - With the growing popularity of mobile payments, Direct Operator Billing users will feel familiar with the payment process leading to better conversion rates and greater ease of use for consumers

Convenient - The consumer does not need to register for Direct Operator Billing, their existing account with their mobile network operator provides all they need to purchase. This creates a simple and anonymous way to make a purchase

Benefits To You

Opens up new marketing channels - Allows users to pay using their mobile

Easier opt-in to services - No need for an SMS from the user's handset for permission

Enhanced conversion rates - Allows you to target content and advertising, improving your product offering

Flexible pricing - You can bill at a range of tariff points through a single account

Guaranteed revenue - Full payment is processed before delivery of purchased content or services




Content owners and publishers, including music labels and gaming companies for pure content sales

Dating and social networking operators for top up credits and membership fees

Event organisers and venues for additional sales of merchandise and low cost tickets

Payment for bills, parking and travel tickets


One-off purchases and subscriptions

Fully compliant one-click API for better conversions and the ability to adapt to applications where the full page flow of one-off purchases is not appropriate

Cascading style sheets and merchant logo for improved conversion and displays your brand identity on the payment pages

Ability to pass identifying tokens outside of transactions permitting full personalisation of your site and therefore a better experience for your customer (MSISDN Aliasing)

Flexibility to drill down to any detail required on transaction reporting

Easy-to-integrate API that uses common web protocols

Consumer authorises payment by simply clicking on ‘Pay Now’